Hadley and Mike's November Wedding at Beech Hill Barn

The weather can be a little…unpredictable during November in Maine, and it was just that for Hadley and Mike. However, this didn’t stop them from having an epic day! We made the best of a rainy weekend and staged the inside of Beech Hill Barn for their ceremony. The fall colors on the property were the perfect rustic hues to complement the bride’s palette of rust red and gold. We were absolutely smitten with this couple and their wedding; keep reading to see the beautiful photos from this November wedding and hear from Hadley herself!

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hosting a barn wedding

What-a-wedding! My favorite detail of the day came during the ceremony—Hadley’s older brothers served as “flower boys.” Yes you read that right, grown men - throwing flowers - down the aisle. I loved every moment of it. Another special moment was when Hadley surprised Mike with a cheesecake that was make from his grandmother’s famous recipe. She even had the recipe card engraved on a cutting board that was in her handwriting!

The decor really came together with the help of our fantastic group of vendors. The lighting backdrop from Griffin and Griffin was the perfect touch, Hadley’s Hayley Paige wedding dress could NOT have been more perfect, and Bad Rabbit, per usual, did an amazing job with the flowers to make the day feel like a warm fall day.

I will never forget this crowd - they LOVED to dance. It could not have been more appropriate that Griffin and Griffin displayed oversized “DANCE” letters in the barn. Legends of Summer kept this group on the dance floor (as you can see in the video below from A. Frame). A few months later, the world would see why since the band’s lead singer made it to the finals on The Voice.

Pizza, Dancing, Hadley and Mike, Amazing Vendors - it was the perfect way to end our 2018 season!

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interview with our bride, hadley

How did you and your husband meet?

From our wedding website: A couple weeks after graduating from college, I was visiting my older brothers in Boston and met this super happy, tall-dark-and-handsome at the beach. We had a blast that weekend but I never thought I'd see him again. Fast forward 2 weeks - I'm driving to the Adirondacks for a 4th of July family weekend at the lake we spent summers at growing up. Right when I get there my mom tells me my brothers should be arriving any minute....with their friend Mike. My stomach dropped. WTF - I didn't think I'd see him again! I sprinted to the shower and tried to act somewhat composed when they arrived. I made it my mission to spark his interest, but I was one of his best friend's little sisters which apparently translated to "off limits." I use air quotes because less than a month later, Mike made the trek from Boston to Rochester for what became the first of many weekend trips before I packed my bags and moved to Boston. Almost 4 years later to the day, Mike proposed right at the scene of that weekend in the Adirondacks and I said yes!

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

It's SO hard to pick just one.

Hadley: Having the the house at Beech Hill Barn the whole wedding weekend was incredible. We didn't have large wedding parties so we stayed at the house with our immediate families and I invited some of my girlfriends to the house to get ready with me the morning of. It was so special to have them and my family right there all day, be able to run back and forth between the house and barn if needed, etc. Mike got ready at the house too, and up until my hair and makeup started everyone got to hang out together. We broke tradition in that respect but it made everything feel so low-stress and fun...and since we did a first look, there really were only a couple hours of the day we didn't spend together which made it truly feel like our day.

Mike: Late night when there wasn't a soul NOT on the dance floor and people kept lifting us up to "crowd surf."

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Favorite part about having a wedding planner :) ?

As we got closer to the wedding the check-in calls with Christina uncovered little details we hadn't yet thought of and helped bring a sense of order to the natural chaos that ensues during the final month of planning. Christina was there for some tough weather-related decisions we had to make the weekend of, and she was there from early morning on wedding day through late night. The relationships she had with our other vendors, her calming nature and her ability to keep us from worrying about a thing on our wedding day made it 100% worth it. Oh, and now when we go to weddings that seem a little unorganized, my husband says "it's because they didn't have a Christina."

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Our team of Maine wedding vendors

We are so grateful to have worked with these fantastic vendors for Hadley and Mike’s Beech Hill Barn wedding. Thank you to the incredible team that worked this wedding!

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