Emily and Austin's Backyard Barn Wedding in Falmouth

For this week’s real wedding feature, we’re excited to share with you a one of a kind couple and their unexpected yet awesome backyard barn wedding. Emily and Austin’s wedding day turned out to be a rainy one, but fortunately we had a Plan B ceremony option ready on standby. As a result of the rainy day, Emily’s neighbors wound up hosting the wedding ceremony inside a gorgeous barn right in their backyard. It was rustic, warm, and cozy all at the same time, and this backyard barn made for a perfect setting for the couple to exchange their personalized vows.  


Now about this couple.  Trust us when we say, we love all of our couples. Seriously, we do! But Emily and Austin were among some of our coolest clients. For starters, Austin is a professional surfski racer. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, don’t feel bad… we had never either! But a quick Google search and you’ll be just as impressed as we are by the fact that he gets to travel all over the world competing in this epic sport. And Emily not only has the beauty, but the brains too: she was a senior strategist for Uber!


Despite being a power couple living in California, with incredibly busy schedules, Pinch Me Planning worked with Emily and Austin to plan a beautiful backyard wedding here in Southern Maine.

A Wedding Featuring a Ring Warming Ceremony

The day was filled with special moments and surprises for us all, but one of our favorite moments was the couple’s choice to include a ring warming ceremony in their backyard wedding. A ring warming ceremony is a unique wedding tradition, during which a couple’s wedding rings are touched and held by some or all of their wedding guests. Often the wedding rings are passed to guests one by one during the ceremony, before being returned to the bride and groom. Other times, like at Emily and Austin’s wedding, the couple will choose to set up a ring warming table near the entrance of their ceremony, allowing guests an opportunity to warm the rings as they walk in. Guests are intended to physically touch or hold the rings while warming them with their well wishes and prayers.


Following the couple’s backyard barn wedding, dinner was enjoyed courtesy of Bread and Butter and then the dance party began!  DJ Jon is known for filling the dance floor, and he did just that! It was such an honor to be included in this couple’s spectacular celebration of love, surrounded by their family and friends here in Maine.

Keep reading to see more of our favorite pictures from their wedding day, and to hear more of Emily and Austin’s love story!  

Interview with our bride, Emily

How did you two meet?

Emily and Austin were living in NYC when a chance encounter first brought them together. Austin was working at the Greenwich Village Equinox, mere blocks from Emily's office, and on December 7th Emily decided to inquire about her membership details. They were randomly assigned together by the front desk and spent a few short minutes together talking shop. Short though it was, the meeting left an impression on them both, and they exchanged emails before leaving.

It wasn't even 24 hours before they were emailing back and forth. Over the coming weeks, they wrote each daily, quickly building up an impressive chain of lengthy emails. Through these missives, they developed a unique friendship. Charged with wit and intrigue, Emily and Austin’s emails became the focus of their days. Their story unfolded from there and two and a half years later they were engaged. It was that chance encounter in New York that brought them together and they couldn’t be happier!


What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

It’s so hard to pinpoint one moment as our favorite memory of the most perfect day. For both of us, it was the best day of our lives and it was incredibly special to share it with our friends and family. If we had to pull out one memory as the most special, we both agree it would be reading our vows. We wrote our own vows and sharing them brought tears to both our eyes. It was a life-altering experience to hear and speak the purest details of our love and share the most intimate promises with all our guests.


What was your favorite part about having a wedding planner?

For us, the best part about having a wedding planner was not having to worry about anything during our actual celebration. We focused on the best day of our lives while Pinch Me Planning handled everything else. From keeping us on schedule to orchestrating our vendors to taking care of our every request and need, Pinch Me Planning was a big part of what made our wedding the best day of our lives.


Our team of Maine based Wedding Vendors

None of our real Maine weddings are pulled off without the help of experienced, high quality wedding professionals. Here are the Maine wedding vendors that came together to help us execute Emily and Austin’s wedding in Southern Maine.


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