Jane and Michael's Waterfront Wedding at Black Point Inn

Talk about a dream a come true. For the couple, I’m sure, and also myself. The Black Point Inn is first and foremost a historic hotel, but is also known to be a show stopping wedding venue in Maine. As a venue, it’s quite near and dear to me.  I grew up just down the street in Scarborough and always dreamed of the day that I could attend a wedding there. Now, not only have I attended weddings at the Black Point Inn, I’ve had the honor and privilege to plan weddings there!

The Black Point Inn is a true historical Maine hotel, first welcoming guests through its doors in 1878. Yea, that’s not a typo: 1878! Can you believe that? It has of course been extensively renovated throughout its history to ensure comfort while preserving its character, and is now a stunning inn and an ideal location for a dream wedding in Maine.

And this wedding was a dream! The sweetest bride and groom coupled with one of the most talented wedding photographers in Maine, Jamie Mercurio, made for an absolute winning combination.  Jane and Michael took advantage of the rocky coastline that wraps around the historic hotel to take some of my favorite wedding pictures to date. Jamie’s ability to capture Jane’s smile makes my heart swell. This is exactly how happy every bride should look on her wedding day.

After a waterfront wedding ceremony on the lawn of the Black Point Inn, guests moved inside for the reception. A sprig of lavender was added to each of the table place settings in the reception, resulting in a simple yet stunning touch. Another special touch that should not go unmentioned: the stone table numbers. The bride’s mother collected and hand painted each stone, creating a unique wedding decor piece that fit perfectly into the design scheme of this coastal Maine wedding.


The bride talking about her waterfront wedding

How did you and your husband meet?

Mike and I met waiting in line outside Lincoln, a bar in Boston, during the 2013 World Series.  Mike knew almost immediately that I was the one, and wanting to remember the night forever, saved his bottle caps as proof (we still have them!).  I meanwhile, didn't even save his number in my phone... But my initial lack of interest was a not a deterrent for Mike - he is a persistent guy - and we eventually took the next step and started to seriously date.

We got engaged in Portland in October of 2016, and knew we wanted to share the beauty of Maine with all of our friends and family, so went up and down the Maine coast looking at venues before settling on the Black Point Inn.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Our first look, hands down!  It's difficult to put the emotion we felt in that moment into words, but sharing all the joy, excitement and love with just Mike was so special.  It is a memory I will cherish forever.


What was your favorite part about having a wedding planner?

I hired Pinch Me Planning a bit later in my planning process because I was feeling overwhelmed at trying to create a cohesive design/feeling for my wedding, particularly as I started to work through the details (as I'm sure most brides (and maybe grooms) may know, there is almost too much wedding inspiration out there!).  Christina took a lot of the basics I had already established and expanded on them - pulling in elements here and there that made the overall design feel more polished and unique. I couldn't have been happier with the end result and am so grateful for Christina's guidance along the way.

Outside of the design piece, Pinch Me Planning provided serious peace of mind - the friendly reminders, checklists and check-ins with vendors, particularly in the last few weeks, were so helpful to keeping us on track, prepared and sane(!) heading into our big day.



We’re always so thankful for all of the wedding vendors and wedding professionals that work each wedding with us. Here are the wedding vendors that made this couple’s coastal Maine wedding come to life:


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