Mainely Wedding Cakes: A Wedding Cake Bakery in Maine

Since I began planning weddings, I’ve experienced a number of incredible and memorable moments. But there are a few in particular that have truly stuck with me. One of them was the first time I tasted a cake by Linda of Mainely Wedding Cakes. If this sounds strange or silly to you, then I’m willing to bet you’ve never tasted her champagne cake. It’s really that good.

featuring maine based Wedding vendors

Moving beyond my moment with champagne cake, I’m excited to share another Maine wedding vendor feature! We began this series at the start of the new year, as a way to introduce newly engaged couples to a variety of wedding vendors and professionals. Earlier this month we did a fun feature on our industry BFF Amanda, the Maine based wedding photographer behind A. Fogarty Photo. And last month we took you on a virtual tour of French’s Point, a truly quintessential coastal Maine wedding venue.

We have even more great features lined up for you in months to come, from wedding venues to wedding rental companies and every thing in between.

But today, we’re talking about something sweet: tasty treats for you and your guests to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tiered wedding cake, an elegant mini dessert, or anything in between, we’re willing to bet Linda at Mainely Wedding Cakes, a wedding cake bakery in Maine, will have you covered.

The team at Mainely Wedding Cakes is passionate about cakes, confections, flavors, and beautiful design. Like our approach to wedding planning, Linda’s approach is equally collaborative. Pairing your vision with their design skills and expertise, the outcome is a wedding dessert experience that’s true to you.

Keep reading to hear more from Linda, and learn why she loves designing wedding cakes.

Q&A with Linda from Mainely Wedding Cakes

How did you get started designing wedding cakes for couples in Maine?

I found my love for baking many years ago during a culinary arts course. There was a day of baking which sparked my interest in sweets and from there my passion began. I started baking celebration cakes for family and friends. Then came my first wedding cake and I fell in love with the whole experience. From the initial design consultation to the wedding cake tasting to the delivery of our finished cake or dessert. Working in an industry that is based upon love and joy has been so fulfilling.

Who or what continues to inspire you as a wedding cake designer?

Bryson Perkins @manvscakes makes award winning cakes that are filled with new techniques and details to encourage my ideas. Nina Notaro @CakestudioWPG makes some of the most beautiful wedding cakes and her hand made flowers mimic every aspect of nature.

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

I love trying new recipes, new techniques, and conquering difficult ones (Macarons!)  I also love spending time with my family and friends.

What’s a wedding trend that you're loving right now?

I have a few! I'm loving black cakes with bright accents that provide a stunning contrast. I'm also excited to see more of the “rustic meets elegant” wedding design that’s sure to continue throughout weddings in Maine this year. Elegant mini desserts are one of my favorite wedding trends right now, because it gives me an opportunity to be create more diverse wedding desserts and serve new flavors.


Do these desserts not look absolutely delicious? If you’re in the vendor selection stage of your wedding planning process, we hope you’ll consider Mainely Wedding Cakes for your wedding cake and desserts.


And if you’re overwhelmed or out of your league trying to narrow down vendors for your big day, get in touch with us today. Our approach to wedding planning and design is collaborative. You’ll share your own vision of your event concept, and together we’ll make your vision a reality. And since no two events are the same, all packages are customizable to your needs. We can work together to make sure the planning process and timeline suits your needs. Review our wedding planning packages and contact us to start the conversation.

Photography credit: Greta Tucker Photography