Featured Venue: The Public Works

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We are so excited to introduce The Public Works as a featured venue on our blog today! Not only is our office in the co-working space in this building, but we also get to help brides here too—it’s a perfect match. The Public Works is a fairly new wedding venue, as it recently opened its doors in late 2018. This venue is a great option for couples looking to get married right in Portland, Maine.

This space offers industrial charm and can serve as the perfect backdrop for many different styles of weddings. A fun feature at The Public Works is that they have the perfect outdoor space for food trucks setup right outside of the reception doors. It works perfectly for a wedding like Toni and Dylan’s, where the party is both indoor and outdoor. Keep reading to learn more about The Public Works!



Venue Name: The Public Works

Venue Location: 52 Alder Street, Portland

When did you open? September 2018

Capacity: 150 Colder months, 220 warm months (we have a patio!)

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What was the inspiration behind opening The Public Works as an event space?  

We wanted to create a unique venue that had the industrial Portland vibe, while offering modern amenities. We saw a opportunity to create a space that was unlike others in Maine and do so in a thoughtful and beautiful way.

What makes your venue unique?

The space is modern industrial in design and can de dividable, making it ideal for a non-traditional venue. It also starts as a blank slate, you can really dress it up to fit the feel you want!

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What is advice that you give to all of your couples?

 This is your wedding! We want to work with you to make your special day, just that, special!

What do you see as the added value to hiring a wedding planner or coordinator?

We are a space that is a blank canvas, so working with a planner helps you create the exact space and feel that you want. It also takes the pressure off of you, so can just enjoy your day, stress free!

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Photography by Greta Tucker and Erin Little