8 Wedding Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

In a perfect world, all of our couples would hire us as a full service wedding planners immediately after getting engaged. Right? We’d be there with the couple every step of the way, helping them plan their wedding from day one. But that’s not quite realistic. Many of our couples set out to plan their wedding by themselves, and only later realize that they could use the help of a professional planner, designer, or coordinator.

Since we know the holiday season produced plenty of newly engaged couples, we thought it’d be fun to provide a little guidance on how to get started planning a wedding.

In today’s post I’m sharing a handful of wedding planning tips for newly engaged couples, with the hopes that you’ll start the wedding planning process on the right foot!


Wedding Planning Advice from The Wedding Planner Herself

Imagine you’re talking to a newly engaged couple. What’s the first thing they should do when first planning a wedding in Maine?

We’ve seen couples prioritize their wedding planning to do list in every way imaginable. But for us it’s pretty simple. We encourage all newly engaged couples to focus on two details first: guest count and budget.

What are your biggest tips for a couple when it comes to planning a wedding?

If you’re working with a very specific budget, the fastest and easiest way to save money while planning your wedding is to invite less people. We know cutting back on you guest list can be a tough pill to swallow, and it may lead to some emotional conversations with family or friends. But when it comes to sticking to a budget, it’s really that simple.

You can try to save a few dollars here and there on the specific line items such as your save the dates, wedding invitations, flowers, and rentals, but at the end of the day these small savings don’t typically add up to enough to really make a dent in your overall budget. Instead, we suggest finding a way to make your guest list small. Having less wedding guests in attendance ultimately means you spend less money on ALL those line items: invitations, rentals, flowers, food, desserts, welcome backs, favors, etc.

Focus on inviting just the people that will really make your day special, and don’t feel bad about being stingy with those plus ones!

When it comes to planning and designing a wedding, is there an important decor or design element that find is often overlooked by couples?

Lighting, lighting, lighting! Incorporating unique lighting into your wedding design is not going to be the cheapest decor element, but it has the potential to truly transform your wedding space. We’ve added beautiful lighting elements to both ceremonies and receptions, and the impact is impressive. The work of someone like Griffin and Griffin can really make a difference in the overall vibe of your wedding design. Don’t underestimate it!

What do you think is THE most important area for a couple to allocate their budget towards (IE: venue, food/beverage, photographer, flowers, etc.) and why?

This one is all about personal preference. When a couple hires us as a wedding planner, the first thing we talk about in terms of their wedding budget is the couple’s priorities. Some people don’t care about food, while others revolve the whole event around it. What’s most important is that we get the couple seeing eye to eye on their priorities, even if they come to the table initially with differing opinions.

Alternatively, what do you think couples can save on?

Again it’s about priorities.  If you don’t want to focus on flowers, maybe we utilize candles to save on tablescapes.  There are so many options to switch up the expected, which is why having a wedding planner in Maine can be so helpful. We bring our experiences, industry knowledge, wedding trends, and creativity to the table to help you brainstorm different options!

What seemingly small detail can make a big impact at a wedding or reception?

Whether it’s at the hotel or wedding itself, I always think it’s nice to create an itinerary for the wedding day or perhaps the entire wedding weekend. Use this as an opportunity to set the tone for the weekend, and set your guests’ expectations as well! An added bonus? This will surely reduce the number of frantic calls, texts, and emails you may otherwise receive from guests who don’t know where to be, or when.


Why is a hiring a good wedding planner so invaluable?

You’re getting married. For many couples, their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives. Your peace of mind leading up to (and on) such an important day is absolutely invaluable.  Even if you just hire a wedding coordinator, it’ll prove well worth the investment.

You and your family should be enjoying your wedding, not working it.

Additionally, when you work with us as a wedding planner, we can help with your wedding budget allocation. We have plenty of creative ideas up our sleeves to keep you on budget, and we know all the right wedding vendors in Maine. We’ll match you with the right wedding vendors to keep your desired aesthetic and stay on budget.

For couples unable to hire a full-service planner, what's the one piece of wedding planning advice you would share with them if you could?

Hire a day of wedding coordinator! But no, seriously. Your sanity and peace of mind in the final months leading up to your wedding is worth the investment. Give the reins to a day of wedding coordinator (or in our case, a 60 day coordinator) and you will, without a doubt, have a more enjoyable wedding weekend. We promise.



If you need help planning, designing, or coordinating your Maine wedding, get in touch with us today. Our approach to wedding planning and design is collaborative. You’ll share your own vision of your event concept, and together we’ll make your vision a reality. And since no two events are the same, all packages are customizable to your needs. We can work together to make sure the planning process and timeline suits your needs. Review our wedding planning packages and contact us to start the conversation.

Photos by: A. Fogarty Photography