Emily and Anthony's April Wedding at O'Maine

I don’t even know where to start with Emily and Anthony. I felt instantly connected to this couple. She’s an oncology nurse at MGH - that’s where I was treated for my cancer. He’s an accountant at Converse - I worked for another Boston-based sneaker company, Reebok right out of college. Aside from these fun facts, this couple is amongst the nicest and most genuine people who could have chosen to share their special day with us.

My favorite part of the wedding was their vows - ok fine, I cried. Their love for each other couldn’t have been more evident. A man who acknowledged and committed to satisfying all 5 love languages in his vows? We approve. A girl who trained for the Boston Marathon in honor of the patients she helped at the time of the bombing? We love you.

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A Twist of Magic

Although we had to use our “Plan B” for the ceremony, Yellow Twist worked her magic inside the venue at O’Maine. Run by owner Lindsay, Yellow Twist offers easy wedding planning when it comes to the flowers. She even incorporated Emily’s favorite flowers: sunflowers. Her engagement ring is a yellow sapphire with green emeralds, and Anthony proposed in a sunflower field. They celebrated with their loving friends and family amongst Fire & Co’s amazing lobster rolls, fried chicken and waffles, pizza, and oysters. Fire & Co boasts a unique catering experience. Using grillers, smokers, and wood-fired ovens, the company works with its clients to create a delicious, unique menu for any event. They finished the night up with live music from the Jason Spooner band and a smorgasbord of Holy Donuts, ending a magical night in Portland. This is how you start the wedding season off right.

While a little less traditional than most reception venues, O’Maine Studios was the perfect place for Emily and Anthony to tie the knot. The space is used mainly for content producers and creators, but O’Maine rents out its warehouse, garden, and kitchen spaces to those couples who want to customize and create their dream wedding venue.

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Interview With Our Bride, Emily

How did you and your husband meet?

Anthony and I met through mutual friends in 2012. We loosely kept in touch until I returned from living abroad in 2015, and ended up both being in Portland for the 4th of July. We met up on the Eastern Prom with a bunch of friends to watch the fireworks, and until then I had only ever seen him as a friend, but that night I remember looking over and wishing I was snuggled up next to him. Didn't take long after that :)

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

I would relive that day every day if I could - I loved it and everything about it. It's hard to chose a favorite part, but two that stick out are entering into the main room to start walking down the aisle, and literally feeling the love in the room. All of our favorite people and whom we love the most in one place, that was the most amazing feeling ever (plus saying our vows that we wrote ourselves). I also loved going to Blythe and Burrows, just the two of us, to have a drink. We sat down and just looked at each other and said "Holy sh*t, we just got married!!!" That was so nice to have that time with Anth, just the two of us.

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Favorite part about having a wedding planner?

Christina was our day-of-coordinator for our wedding on April 27th in Portland, and I could not give her enough stars! Not only she she extremely talented and organized, but you can tell that she really cares about each of her clients and wants to make sure that you have the best day of your life. She made the planning process SO EASY, helped us set up an amazing reception, was super communicative, and to boot she was so fun to hang out with. We honestly did not even think we needed a coordinator, but I am so happy we decided to work with PMP because Christina took care of so many little details that absolutely would have overwhelmed me, and instead she helped give direction to the day so we could simply enjoy ourselves! I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for some party planning help - she is the best!

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Our Team of Maine Wedding Vendors

We are so grateful to have worked with the following vendors for Emily and Anthony’s O’Maine wedding. Thank you to the phenomenal people that worked this wedding! Not only were these epic photos captured by Michelle K. Martin, but she also runs an amazing IG account @michellereadsbooks - the account is seriously beautiful AND informative. I’m obsessed!

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