A Fish Themed Wedding at The Landing

Here’s the thing about being a professional wedding planner in Maine. Every single wedding we work on becomes special for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s the final vision that blows us away. Sometimes it’s working at an unbelievable wedding venue for the first time. Sometimes there’s something truly unique about the couple or family we’re working with. No matter the reason, we truly mean it when we say we hold near and dear every single wedding we plan, design, or coordinate. It’s like parents often say, you can’t pick a favorite child, right?

Well planning Kara and Eric’s wedding at The Landing was special to me for another reason. Kara is one of my childhood friends! We grew up together in Maine, and as a result I was so thrilled to be helping her plan her wedding day, in Scarborough no less!

Kara and Eric held their wedding at The Landing at Pine Point in Scarborough, Maine. Now owned and operated by The Black Tie Company, The Landing hosts weddings, business seminars, corporate events, fundraisers and even private galas. It’s versatility makes it a great choice for planning a wedding in Southern Maine, and the event space offers couples and guests an opportunity to experience the best Maine has to offer with its stunning location and quality amenities.


With the wedding venue selected, we focused on incorporating design elements that matched the personalities and love story of Kara and Eric. Their mutual love of fishing was something that immediately jumped out to me, so I was set on incorporating subtle hints of this shared hobby throughout their final wedding reception design. Truth be told, despite being a wedding planner and designer in Maine, this was my first fish themed wedding! We kept true to the theme, but found subtle ways to incorporate the ideas. We used a vintage tackle box for the wedding card box, gifted customized fish keychains for every guest (which also doubled as escort cards), included scales in the wedding cake design, and of course found a way to include this theme in their personalized wedding hashtag: #erdmansluckycatch!


Q&A with our bride, Kara

How did you and your husband meet?

Both having looked for love in all the wrong places, we sought out the help of cupid… OkCupid that is! During the summer of 2014 we first spotted each other on the dating website. Eric was more forward than I was asked me out. Being a little less daring than Eric, I actually declined the offer and stepped away from the search. Labor Day weekend, still not having found love, I went back to the website and saw that Eric was still there. I decided to give him a shot and we scheduled our first official meeting for Thursday, September 11th. We know what you are thinking… how very ominous.

It turned out to be quite the gloomy day outside but we were both optimistic. After noshing Joe’s Boathouse’s famous calamari, drinking several beers (liquid courage) and many shared laughs the date was over but our time together as a couple was not!

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?
My husband Eric loved the trolley ride from the church to the beach with our new extended family. It was so great seeing everyone as happy as we were.

Personally, my favorite memory from our wedding day was seeing Eric at the end of the aisle before I started walking down with my Dad. He has the biggest smile on his face. In that moment I was so overwhelmingly happy and calm.

What is your favorite part of having a wedding planner?
Christina was a great support system in the months and days leading up to the wedding. She was my creative partner during the whole process. She was able to imagine and create some of the most memorable parts to our day like our seating chart and our cake.

Our Team of Maine Wedding Vendors

None of our real Maine weddings are pulled off without the help of incredible wedding professionals. Here are the Maine wedding vendors that came together to help us execute Kara and Eric’s wedding at The Landing at Pine Point.

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